The pioneers had waffles for breakfast

Good morning America - Breakfast at the hotel

Somehow I had imagined being a book author differently (see here): Getting rich WITHOUT work 😉 Tscha, unfortunately I'm still not Gabi Gates, instead I am in the middle of the Christmas business, bag tons of books, bring in new slow cooks better out, enter it in various catalogs, answer customer inquiries and, and, and ... For USA-K there is currently little time and certainly not for time-outs. But as if the Marriott Munich had suspected that, an invitation fluttered into my mailbox: #goodmorningamerica motto week in the hotel. Wouldn't I have some breakfast tips and would like to come?And whether I had and liked!

In the hotel, which was decorated for Christmas, I first made extensive use of the wellness facilities. Sauna instead of stress 🙂 Work started the next morning, which in this case actually consisted of pleasure: having an American breakfast! Marriott - as a hotel chain of American origin and with international guests - already offers American breakfast as standard, explained chef Martin Gruß. So there are, for example, bacon and eggs, omelettes, pancakes, waffles. As part of #goodmorningamerica, more specialties were added on a daily basis: French toast, cinnamon waffles, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, hash browns, club sandwiches. Including “free refill” coffee (us-typical stop), juices, cereals, bread, pastries, cheese, salmon, etc., 26 euros are due - regardless of whether you are a hotel guest or “from outside”. "You can do that at any time without a reservation!"

After a leisurely breakfast, Karola, Steffen and Sabrina (feedmeupbeforeyougogo), Claudine (Country at Heart) and Sabine (mucbook) got something else to do: We fried omelets. Proper omelets. Because what we had made at home up to now was probably more shaped scrambled eggs, as breakfast chef Bruno Fernandez teased us with a wink. First cardinal mistake: Too long roasting time, which leads to a rubbery texture - "an omelette cooks a little further on the plate". Second cardinal mistake: wrong pan (good NonStick is a must), too little movement in the egg mixture. Third no-go: Salt the vegetables for the omelette when they are seared, they only absorb water.

And then we were allowed to work ourselves - and failed terribly. Where Bruno turned the omelette into a loose roll (“French omelette”) with a slight swivel of his wrist, I just managed to create an inelegant folding structure. But also tastes 🙂

Waffle baking and especially the waffle garnishing with a huge selection of toppings turned out to be easier: Below you can see our typical American combination of sweet and salty - maple syrup, bacon, popocorn and roasted marshmallows. Sounds wild, tasted great!

So now you know how we had breakfast and how you could have breakfast at the Marriott Munich. If you want to find out more about American breakfast in general, you will find a great infographic with FunFacts here - I have contributed some recipe tips!

Note: The Marriott Munich invited me and other food bloggers to a brunch on the occasion of the #goodmorningamerica campaign. Travel and accommodation costs were covered. However, my article is not a paid commissioned work, it was created purely voluntarily - and corresponds to my honest opinion 🙂

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