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Every country has its own traditions - otherwise a trip would only be half as exciting if there was nothing new to discover. It's always exciting to immerse yourself in a foreign culture, but other cultures also mean different levels of craziness. So don't be surprised if your head makes alternating left and right movements as you read this article - automatically. There are really a few that make you shake your head crazy traditionsI'm going to introduce you to now. Even if you've definitely heard of one or the other, I guarantee that you won't be able to avoid a smile or at least a little twitch of the corners of your mouth.

Crazy traditions around the world

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Holi Festival of Colors in India

At the beginning a classic among the traditional customs of the world, because this crazy tradition made it to Germany years ago and is also met with an incredible amount of enthusiasm here. What has been celebrated in this country and all over the world for a number of years originally comes from India: thatFestival of colors.

Holi Festival:

The next festival of colors will take place on March 21, 2019 held in India. The evening before you can take part in the Holika Dahan fire.

It is traditionally celebrated in the north of India in spring time over a period of two to ten days. While we are mostly only familiar with the name Holi, it is also called Phagwah, Dol Yatra or Kamadahana in various parts of India. Five days after the full moon in the month of Phalguna, which corresponds to around February or March, the social class is "forgotten" for a few days and everyone celebrates this tradition exuberantly while throwing colored powder, in the local language Gulal, and colored water at each other. What seems funny and colorful, nevertheless, has a purpose: Together it becomes Triumph over evil celebrated.

Tomato fight at the Tomatina in Spain

The celebrations in Spain are just as exuberant. Why? Because they can! It has a religious or political background Tomatina namely not - the Spaniards simply think that you don't need a valid reason to be a huge Tomato fight to organize in the city.


Don't want to miss Tomatina? Then be quick, because already on 29th August 2018 Tomatoes are flying again in Buñol!

Yes, you read that right: an entire city is pelting itself with overripe tomatoes - after all, nobody should get injured. Around 40,000 locals and tourists visit the eastern Spanish town every year Buñol near Valenciato attend this event. And then it starts: Around a thousand kilos of tomatoes fly from left to right, back and forth through the streets of the city - and this has probably been noticed since 1940. But one thing has to be given to the Spaniards: Despite their crazy tradition of eating tomatoes all throwing artists volunteer to help clean up the next day.

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Easter custom Lany poniedziałek in Poland

Our neighboring country, Poland, is not spoiled for choice when it comes to crazy traditions. Every year on Easter Monday there is a traditional custom: Lany poniedziałek, also called Śmigus-dyngus, which literally means something like wet Monday. TheWater fight but it may not mean a lot of fun for everyone, because only women - men - are splashed with water.

The first traditions go back to the Middle Ages, which say that all men shower their loved ones or other pretty women with water. According to legend, women who do not get a bucket of water over their heads on this day have to take care of the year unmarried to spend. If you want to take part in this fun tradition too, then keep the Easter Monday, the April 22, 2019, already free! Whether Wroclaw or Krakow, it gets wet and happy everywhere.

Spectacular cheese rolling in England

Not only the Dutch seem to love cheese. This passion is also shared in the south-west of England.

Cheese rolling:

You always have a lot of fun with the crazy English! How about onMay 27, 2019 for cheese rolling?

Why else would you get one Fall down the slope and chasing after a cheese that can reach speeds of up to 110 kilometers per hour? That has to be real love, I can't explain it to myself any other way. The crazy tradition of cheese rolling in England must be so fun to watch that every year thousands of people travel to Gloucestershire town to attend this event - well, and to put up with bruises.

Kanamara-Matsuri - Penis Festival in Japan

The man's "best" piece ... yes, yes. What in Japan as Fertility symbol applies, seems to be worth an event at the same time. Because the Penis Festival, it is called Kanamara-Matsuri, has no other background than to celebrate this symbol. So do you happen to be around the festival time April 7, 2019 on the road in Japan, don't be surprised about the slightly different one decoration of the cities. Type, size and color can be marveled at in all variations - if that doesn't show art.

A green day on Saint Patrick’s Day in Ireland

A tradition that most of you are sure to know - but do you also know what's behind it? Every year on 17. March is made in memory of Bishop Patrick of Ireland St. Patrick's Day celebrated. It is only estimated that the saint lived in the 5th century, but exact dates are not known.

The actually very religious festival is pretty much one of the most significant in Ireland, because Bishop Patrick is considered the country's patron saint. And since you should celebrate festivals as they happen, St. Patrick’s Day has become an absolute mega-event: All of Ireland is green - green clothes, green beards, green hats, green-lit houses, green rivers and green drinks. And the whole world celebrates. Everywhere there are parades, green lighting and joint celebrations in the pubs of the big cities. Cheers to St. Patrick, that everyone celebrates this day together thanks to him.

Curious customs in Germany

Every culture has its tradition, including ours. Have you ever wondered whether other countries also look at us askew when we are in Germany celebrate our traditional festivals? There would be that, for example world famous Oktoberfest, where half the world in Munich meets in the festival tent to toast with dirndl and lederhosen with the measure in hand. We have already successfully established this custom in all corners of the world, because Oktoberfest is no longer only celebrated here.

At the Carnival of Cultures in Berlin, all cultures become one.

Or do you know that too Rifle festival, in which the riflemen in uniform shoot a wooden bird in a row, so that the rifle king then serves a round of beer for the assembled team and celebrates for three days? In some places, the 1st of May hiked and drank after having “danced” in May, others put a maypole in front of their loved ones and still others do this on Pentecost. In Erlangen they celebrate at this time Bergkirchweih, also traditionally in costume and with plenty of beer, while in Berlin all cultures become one Carnival of the Cultures. You can see - in Germany too there are countless traditions that are celebrated together year after year.

Great what there is in the world, isn't it? Do you know more crazy traditions? Then hit the keys as much as you can - I'm looking forward to your comments!


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