Which companies offer internships for ECE students?

Application to Continental

What do you really need to know about Continental?

That Continental produces far more than the well-known premium tires. Today we are one of the world's leading suppliers to the automotive industry. As a supplier of braking systems, systems and components for drives and chassis, instrumentation, infotainment solutions, vehicle electronics, tires and technical elastomer products, Continental contributes to greater driving safety and global climate protection.

Which subjects are particularly sought after?

In general, we are constantly looking for qualified personnel from almost all fields. As a technically oriented company, we are particularly looking for graduates in the fields of chemistry, mechanical engineering and engineering. But other fields of study such as economics or business administration are also in demand with us.

How much time should you have for an internship at Continental?

That cannot be generalized. Of course, it is good for both sides if the practical phase lasts several months. Because: The longer the internship, the better the student can get to know the company and the processes.

Which qualifications are essential to get started?

Good grades and recognizable study commitment in the résumé are the first door openers to be invited to an interview. But more important to us than grades is the personality of potential employees. We are looking for people who are ready to take on responsibility early on in a global world. And that also applies to interns: They are involved in day-to-day business and in important projects from the very beginning and can thus experience practical experience beyond the theoretical boundaries. Since we are an international company and our everyday work is multicultural, English skills and social skills are also of great importance.

What does the application process for internship positions look like?

The application should reach us approx. Two to three months before the desired starting date, via our online job portal. If the profile fits, a telephone interview takes place and, if the outcome is positive, a face-to-face interview. If this is also successful, it says:
Welcome to the team!

Does Continental have special programs for students / interns?

Talented and committed interns have the opportunity to be accepted into the ProMotion program. Here you can get to know Continental up close through factory tours, work on practical topics in selected workshops, take part in exclusive events and further expand your knowledge by taking part in specialist lectures. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to further develop your professional and intercultural experience through an internship abroad.

Are you interested in an internship at Continental?

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