Are food trucks the future of food

The future of the food truck industry after the Corona: trends at a glance

Published on 06-07-2020 by Redaktion

Desolate places and people looking for good quality food without finding anything near them.

Through gastronomic experimentation and personal proximity, food trucks can change the design of our cities decisively. In search of demand, the food truck will find you where no one is waiting for you.

In this post, we'll turn on the high beams to analyze why food trucks have a long-term future. We observe four basic arguments that separate food trucks from conventional gastronomy: financing, mobility, flexibility and proximity.

  • financing

    Rents in the cities are skyrocketing. Fixed costs are rising and many restaurants are worried about their survival.
    Opening a physical restaurant requires an initial investment that many cannot afford. In contrast, the food truck has a comparatively low investment cost, so this can be a good preparatory step before betting on the physical location.
    In addition to the maintenance of the vehicle and the licenses, you save the rental of the facility. In view of the price development, this point is becoming more and more important.

  • mobility

    In the mobile society we live in, people are constantly moving from one place to another. Cities are interconnected economic and cultural agglomerations and require the movement of their inhabitants in order to survive.
    In this sense, food trucks are an opportunity to understand the diversity of the market from a geographical and economic point of view. By moving from one side to the other, you can find out which parts of the city work better or worse for you. This allows you to develop a personalized market strategy that adapts to the type of demand based on indicators such as geography, economy or culture.

    What better way to get to know the tastes of a city's residents than by taking a food truck?

  • flexibility

    The flexibility of movement goes hand in hand with increasingly flexible working hours. Where there is demand, there is a food truck, but if there is no demand, why work?

    A food truck business adapts to the logic of the modern economy. If you want flexible working hours and a varied routine, a food truck offers you a comprehensive experience.
    In a job market that is increasingly moving against digitization and repetitive tasks, food trucks fill your life with sensual experiences.

  • Proximity

    And last but not least: how do you quantify the value of making people happy who enjoy your food?

    With a food truck you can get to know interesting people and expand your cultural horizons beyond the known. In an increasingly individualized and fragmented world where everyone does their own thing, it is even a social work to be able to create communities. So many places are waiting to be discovered and filled with vitality by people ... Isn't a food truck a good starting point?

    Let us know if you have any ideas on how the food truck industry will change in the long term!