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How To Do Waste Management At Home?

There are many waste products from our home in our daily life. Usually we don't pay attention to this waste and throw it away. In this way, not only are we playing a vital role in pollution, but we're also wasting the chance to do something creative and stay profitable. Now the times have come when we need to take household waste seriously, invest in waste products and turn them into recyclable products. This helps us keep our nature GREEN, CLEAN, and HEALTHY.

Usually we have green vegetable waste that goes unused in cooking, plastic waste like water bottles, plastic bags, etc. or sometimes thermal materials in the form of household waste. Instead of discarding them, we should start investing in them by recycling them. Therefore, waste disposal at home can be done by recycling and reusing the waste products. Here we have given information on home waste management that will help you keep your home clean and healthy.

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Waste management at home

01 plastic waste

Nowadays, plastic is a major headache in protecting nature. Therefore, plastics recycling remains the only option for us. From waste plastic such as water bottles, plastic cups or other plastic materials, we can make some decorative items that will be useful for the interior decoration of your home. We can make a decorative and attractive flower pot out of plastic waste bottles.

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By collecting used pens from the study, we can create a unique stand that can be used for stationery placement. In this way we can make useful things out of plastic and also sell them; we can also make some money.

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02. kitchen waste

Kitchen rubbish is the most common household waste. During cooking, there are many leftover vegetables such as green leaves, potato peel, apples, bananas, etc., which are produced as waste. This type of waste is called "GREEN WASTE". Dealing with green waste is relatively easy because it is decomposable. The best way to recycle and invest green waste is to make it "VERMICOMPOST FERTILIZER". Vemicompost fertilizer is a very useful organic fertilizer. By using vermicompost fertilizer in the field, the farmer can get more yields in less time.

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Follow the steps below to make vermicompost fertilizer out of your kitchen trash.


01. First, collect all of the GREEN WASTE from your home and place it in the container.

02. Now add some water to make it more fluid.

03. After a day, add as many earthworms as you can and allow them to move around in this mixture.

04. Now these earthworms will happily eat the green waste there and so and after eating they will leave the remains of their undigested food in the same container.

05. Now we need to put some soil in this container and keep it closed for 4-5 days.

06. Then mix it properly again and our fertilizer is ready.

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This is a pure organic fertilizer that will increase the growth of the crop in less time. So, there is a great demand for this fertilizer in the agricultural market and we can make good income by selling this. You can also use this fertilizer to make your own organic vegetable garden. Thus, this waste management can be done at home.

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03. Thermocol waste

Thermocol is polystyrene that is foamed into soft plastic balls. It has excellent thermal insulation properties, so it is used in households. Many manufacturers use Thermocol plates as cushioning material in the tool box. This helps to protect the device from impacts during transport and handling. We usually bring our home with us when we buy new equipment. The thermal collages also play a similar role in the pollution of nature as the plastic. If possible, we should also recycle these waste products and use them in innovative ways.

We can also do decorative things that will make your home a charming interior. For example, we can make a beautiful picture frame and unique and antique things from thermocol.

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So many other things can be made out of WASTE products.

04. Some other WASTE products

01. We can make a useful handbag from so many polyethylene trash bags in our home.

02. We can also sell paper waste to the RECYCLE FACTORY where it can be recycled and used for different things.

03. We can make a decorative stand out of rubbish ice sticks.

This way we can do waste management at home and help create an environmentally friendly environment. We should strictly follow the slogan "REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE" the waste products in our house and stop polluting the environment and contributing to the preservation of nature.

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