What does a work permit mean

Work permit

1. Certain employees who are not German within the meaning of Article 116 of the Basic Law were required to Exercising an occupation according to §§ 284 ff. SGB III old version of a permit from the Federal Employment Agency. EU foreigners do not require a permit if they are entitled to free movement within the EU, foreigners with an unlimited residence permit or a residence permit, and foreigners for whom intergovernmental law or the provision of a law or regulation provides for such an exception. Approval had to be obtained before starting employment. The potential employer had to provide information about the intended wages, working hours and other working conditions (Section 284 (3) SGB III old version). The work permit could only be issued if it was not excluded under immigration law. The approval was in the form of the Work permit or the Work permit granted. The work permit (§ 285 SGB III old version) was fundamentally dependent on the situation and development of the domestic labor market and could be limited in time or to certain companies, occupational groups, economic sectors or districts. The right to work (§ 286 SGB III old version) was granted to employees who have a residence permit or one Residence permit and were legally employed in the federal territory for at least five years subject to compulsory insurance, at least legally resident in the federal territory for at least six years. The work permit was unlimited and did not contain the restrictions applicable to the work permit. Details were in the work permit ordinance of September 17, 1998 (Federal Law Gazette I 2889) with later amendment. and the ordinance on the work permit for highly qualified foreign specialists in information and communication technology (IT-ArGU) dated July 11, 2000 (Federal Law Gazette I 1146) with later amendment. regulated.

2. Since January 1, 2005, the two-pronged approval process, the decision of the immigration authority on the status of foreign nationals and the decision of the Federal Employment Agency on the right to pursue gainful employment, no longer apply. Now the immigration authority decides uniformly on both questions with the consent of the Federal Employment Agency. Union citizens generally enjoy freedom of movement, which also includes taking up gainful employment (entitlement to work - EU). Only for citizens of the New Union (joining the EU from 2004) similar rules apply as for foreigners before 1.1.2005 (work permit - EU; preventive employment prohibition with reservation of permission - § 284 SGB III new version).