What is the Chinese symbol for trust

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Letter, message, information; Trust, loyalty, confidence; Proof; true, right, real; believe, trust

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The Chinese character 信 (xìn) with the meaning for "letter / belief" is made up of two parts. It consists of the radical for human 亻 (rén) and the symbol for words 言 (yán) and means that one should trust someone's words. So 信 (xìn) means to believe or to trust.

Stroke sequence and stroke direction:


亻 (人, rén, human) + 言 (yán, words)


亻 (单 人, dānrén, human)

The human 人 (rén) takes the form 亻 as a radical on the left side of a character, which has no pronunciation of its own. In some dictionaries, ist cannot be found under a separate section, but is generally added as 人. Signs with the radical 亻 are closely related to people.

Frequently used words and phrases

  • 信任 - xìnrèn - trust, trust, confidence;
  • 信心 - xìnxīn - confidence, firm conviction, complete trust;
  • 信封 - xìnfēng - envelope, envelope, envelope;
  • 信息 - xìnxī - information, message, message;
  • 信号 (信號) - xìnhào - signal, sign;
  • 信念 - xìnniàn - belief, conviction, confidence;
  • 自信 - zìxìn - self-confidence, self-confidence;
  • 相信 - xiāngxìn - believe in someone, believe someone, believe something, be convinced of someone / something.

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