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Graduation grades
Doctoral grades - which are there and what is their significance?

When and where certain doctoral grades are important

Since the quality of the doctoral thesis cannot necessarily be read from the grades of the dissertations, its importance for a career in the private sector is also lost. In some subjects, such as economics, the proportion of doctorates with the top grade is so high that a summa cum laude is no longer a specialty in applications for management positions. Employers are therefore increasingly relying on their own selection process and are only paying less attention to doctoral grades. In general, the doctoral grade is more important in departments where the best rating is used comparatively sparingly. This is the case, for example, in biology, medicine or geography.

Qualified doctorate

It is different in science. The evaluation of the doctorate is a decisive factor here. Anyone striving for a career as a professor must meet the entry requirements laid down in the state university laws. A “qualified doctorate” is required there. This is usually understood to mean a doctoral achievement that at least includes magna cum laude was rated. A summa cum laude is usually not mandatory. However, other aptitude requirements also play a role in the appointment. In practice at universities of applied sciences there are also university lecturers who have awarded their work the title cum laude pursue.