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Black Mirror

Season 1, episodes 1-3

  • 1. The National Anthem

    Season 1, Episode 1 (44 min.)

    Prime Minister Michael Callow has a problem. Princess Susannah, daughter of the royal family, has been kidnapped and the blackmailers have an unusual condition: a national broadcaster has to broadcast the Prime Minister's sex with a pig. Callow tries everything to buy time and to catch the kidnapper. A media avalanche breaks out that Callow cannot stop.

  • 2. Life as a game (15 million merits)

    Season 1, Episode 2 (44 min.)

    An alternative future: As in Plato's allegory of the cave, people in gray sports suits sit on an exercise bike, which they use to generate electricity for the screens that offer fantastic distraction around them: shooting games, TV shows and porn. In addition, everyone has a “doppelganger” avatar, for whom one receives clothing that is earned in the form of points on the pedal bike. Everyday life is interrupted by advertising that cannot be skipped without losing money. Fat people belong to the second class in this world

    Bing (Daniel Kaluuya) falls in love with the singing Abi (Jessica Brown-Findlay) and gives her all of his 15 million points so that she can apply for a song contest. It is only there that you do not discover her singing talent, but her figure and charisma and offer her a job in the porn industry - which she accepts with tears because she hopes to escape the treadmill.

    Bing now has to forcibly see his great love in the advertising trailers for their porn and increasingly desperate ...

  • 3. The Entire History Of You

    Season 1, Episode 3 (44 min.)

    Liam (Toby Kebbell) comes to a party after a rather unsuccessful interview in a law firm. There his suspicions grow that his wife Ffion (Jodie Whittaker) is having an affair with the host Jonas (Tom Cullen). When he confronts her, she admits it.

    What is special about this world, however, is a small device, the 'grain', which, implanted behind the ear, enables scenes to be experienced over and over again - in front of your own eyes or, alternatively, on large screens with friends. Which can lead to very own reactions ...


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