What is Air India Scam

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Flown on March 5th, 2019. When checking in, it is noticeable that the Air India employees are apparently all in a bad mood and only handle the passengers in a grumpy manner. After boarding, I have to notice that the plane is equipped with business class seats that you don't even find in developing countries anymore. They are ordinary seats that were designed 40 years ago and only have the backrest that can be adjusted mechanically. I'm sitting in row 3 and behind me is the wall to Economy. You can adjust my seat back just about 10 cm backwards. Screens, entertainment, there is nothing. And that's what Air India will sell as a business class in 2019! If you do that in another industry, the prosecutor will attack you for fraud. The service on board is available, but disinterested. If you want something, you have to get in touch very emphatically. During the flight I then asked three times for the entry card required for Bangkok. But the forms were not distributed until they got off, so that none of the passengers had the opportunity to do so in time. And of course the Business Class passengers did not get the Fast Track card for fast entry to which they were entitled. I've been doing business in Southeast Asia since 1989, but I've never seen such lousy treatment as at Air India. Certainly never again.