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Advantages of your own app for your company

First requirement: the right app agency

Before we get to the advantages that an app can bring for your company, let's briefly clarify the quintessence of successful app programming: the right app agency for your company app. Because apps are complicated and specific programs and most companies do not have the expertise and know-how to program their own application, app development is usually outsourced. Outsourcing also offers other advantages, such as lower costs, flexibility and scalability. Even so, there are often complications with outsourcing, so that the outsourced app projects often fail. To prevent this from happening with your app development, you should choose an app agency that has already developed similar apps for other customers and that specializes in your field. It is also important that you think carefully about your project in advance and make it clear to yourself what is important for your app and how it should be programmed. This is the only way you can work professionally and successfully with an agency.

Now the question arises as to how you can find the right agency for your app project. Often the first point of contact are customer reviews and ratings on various platforms. However, it is often easy to fake such reviews by buying positive reviews. To get a real impression of the agency, you should click Reference services or use personal recommendations.

If you still do not feel able to make the right decision for your company, our experts at itPortal24 will be happy to assist you. There are over 200 certified partners in our network who already have years of experience in app development have collected. In a few steps you describe your project to us and we will find the ideal agency for you to program your app. We pay attention to reference services, personal preferences, expertise and, if desired, the location of the agency.
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Increase your reach and visibility

Your own app offers huge potential to increase the range of your company, because smartphones have become indispensable today and are now firmly anchored in everyone's everyday life. In Germany alone, around 70% of the population use, that is 58 million people, Smartphones. Smartphones with a user share of over 95% are extremely popular, especially in the age group of 14 to 49 year olds. According to experts, the percentage of users in the total population will continue to increase over the next few years.

The digital all-rounders are always and everywhere available. Which means for you that your customers can be reached anytime and anywhere. Not only the availability plays an important role, but also the actual use of the smartphones, which also takes place around the clock. Everyone looks at their smartphone several times an hour and that's exactly where you want to appear, on the home screen of your customers' cell phones. With your Logo as an app icon, stay in the mind of your customers and do not have to advertise your company with intrusive advertising. Once the app has been installed on the smartphone, you can use it to advertise subliminally on a daily basis, directly to the customer. This also increases yours Brand branding.

Another advantage of having an app programmed for your company is that quick accessibility of customers. Usually, customers can be reached through advertising on other websites or through email marketing. However, these distribution channels are very slow, as e-mails are usually only checked once a day and advertising banners are often ignored. In addition, advertisements can usually only be placed on other websites if customers have previously been to your website. You can reach your customers with your own app Push notifications much faster, because these are displayed directly on the smartphone and are also audibly noticeable to the customer with ringtone and vibration. Furthermore, the advertising can be specially adapted to the customer. You can play out special offers for certain groups, depending on age, gender or origin, and thus always address the right people. You can also use push notification to quickly inform your customers about current offers, which, for example, are only available on that day. All of these advantages can be many Win new customerswhich will continue to use your company's services in the future.

If you want to earn money with your app, the app is another one Source of income of course an additional benefit. There are different ways to monetize your app, which you can do in ours Article on app monetization read.

Better customer loyalty

For example, you can use an app Loyalty programs Introduce in which you reward customers for their loyalty with individual offers. A popular example of this are loyalty cards, which can be easily integrated when programming the app and are therefore always available to customers. Promotions such as exclusive app offers are also a good way of attracting new customers, as they see their own benefits in the app and install it. Several studies have shown that this marketing strategy has a positive effect on sales and that customers will continue to use your services more frequently in the future. As already mentioned, push notifications can also be used to strengthen customer loyalty by keeping your customers up-to-date and informing them about events and the like. The customer no longer has to laboriously access your website via the mobile browser, but can instead call up all information about your company via the app.

You can also increase customer satisfaction with your own app, because apps often facilitate processes and offer additional functions, which usually saves the customer time and has a better user experience. For example, in a E-commerce app offer additional functions such as a favorites or wish list. This also enables you to recognize the preferences of the customers and to give further suggestions for suitable articles.

Differentiation from the competition

If you as a company offer your own app, it works very well compared to competitors who don't progressive and modern. It also shows that you want to digitize your entire business and at the same time want to be even more customer-friendly. With the increased range and visibility, you gain an advantage over your competitors and appear quickly accessible to many people. You gain a particularly great advantage if your services are not yet covered in any way by an app. This is how you open up a new market and turn your company into a Pioneer in your field.

If your competitors are already using apps, you should definitely follow suit with your company in order to remain competitive. Because if you don't do this you will appear backward and customers will more and more often choose the modern company with an app than you. There is also an opportunity for you to learn from the mistakes of your competitors. Find out more in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store Reviews of your competition and read the reviews. Often users express themselves with constructive criticism, from which you can learn what you need to do better with your app programming.

The App development costs naturally play a major role for every company. Receive in our App cost item an overview of how the price of an app is made up.

Case Study: Apps in the Logistics Industry

Through the flexible applicability and transparency mobile applications often achieve advantages compared to conventional systems. In the field of logistics, apps can exploit great potential in areas such as fleet management, container management and load securing. The fact that it is not compulsory to purchase new devices results in enormous cost advantages. The same applies to the areas of time recording, mapping and reporting.

The best example of this is a parcel delivery tracking app, which is used by almost all large logistics companies. By switching to smartphones and using an individually developed mobile app, compared to a solution with a scanner, over 50% of the costs saved become. The cost advantages arise particularly in the maintenance and (new) acquisition of the end devices. There is only little training required for employees due to the intuitive usability of the application. The dispatchers benefit from the real-time localization of the end devices and can therefore reschedule in the event of traffic jams or other obstructions. The drivers can submit status reports on the deliveries at any time, so idle and waiting times can be recorded. The integration of the camera makes it possible to document damage.


In general, it can be said that with your own app you will definitely expand the reach of your company, as you are also represented with an app on mobile devices. In this way you will reach more customers in the future and win new customers for yourself. The good thing about an app is that with push notifications you always stay in the mind of your customers and therefore yours Brand awareness can improve. Your customers never lose sight of your company and are frequently informed about your services. In addition, your own app makes your company look very modern and digital, which allows you to stand out from the competition and attract young customers in particular. Although it is necessary to invest some capital in this, it is well invested, as apps always represent added value for the company, be it through Process optimization within the company or bswp. through revenue from app sales. Because in addition to the marketing aspects of apps, process optimization of internal company processes is another advantage of having your own company app.

The most important thing in app programming is that you choose the right app agency as a partner for your project. This is where our expertise comes into play:We advise you free of chargeso that you can find the right app agency for the successful development of your app.