Can teach computer programming to kids in Minecraft


7.16 Learning to program


Duration: 1 month

Challenges: logic, programming, English

Cool: Build a real computer in Minecraft and program it.

"If the youngsters have been sitting in front of the box for hours, why can't they learn anything sensible?" Minecraft is undoubtedly considered to be of educational value for many aspects, and this guide has hopefully opened your eyes a little as to why it is and how it is that can be used - at least to have sophisticated fun.

But you don't have to stop here, not at Minecraft, which can be expanded and expanded in every conceivable direction. So to the next lesson: learn to program. In Minecraft. This is of course again via a mod, e.g. B. ComputerCraft, possible, after its installation many new objects are available, z. B. Computers, monitors and printers that are more than just decorative items. A command prompt opens with a right click. It is the interface to a real programming environment, in this case to the programming or scripting language LUA.

A little advertising is allowed at this point: The colleagues Kirsch and Wendel have taken on the programming in Minecraft in detail and shot an age-appropriate video course that explains all the details and contains tips and tricks about the computer mod:

Also published by Rheinwerk Verlag: “Let's code Minecraft! - Children learn to program in Minecraft "

Whether and to what extent programming in Minecraft actually becomes a collaborative project depends on your time and leisure. But as with all activities in and around Minecraft or with other hobbies of the youngsters: The main thing is that you take some time and watch and let yourself be explained what your IT specialist is doing.

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