Is the Monero crypto currency a good investment

What is Monero (2021)?

Have you often asked yourself the question: what is Monero and why invest in Monero? Then you have come to the right place on our article, because we give you all the useful information about the topic of crypto currency Monero!

  1. What is Monero - The simple explanation
  2. How does Monero work and what are its properties?
  3. Invest in Monero in 2021
  4. How many Monero XMR coins are there in circulation?
  5. Does a limit of the XMR coins make sense?
  6. Particular advantages and disadvantages of Monero
  7. Frequently asked questions: investing in Monero

What is Monero - The simple explanation

The virtual cryptocurrency Monero was introduced in April 2014. This is a cryptocurrency whose focus is increasingly on decentralization and data protection. The algorithm for adjusting the block size is scalable (variable). There are several "anonymous" cryptocurrencies, but few are as anonymous as XMR. The digital currency was created based on the CryptoNote whitepaper and has nothing to do with Bitcoin.

Monero was formerly known as "Bitmonero" and was one of the earliest CryptoNote coins. The anonymous cryptocurrency Monero uses the same attributes as any other CryptoNote encryption currency. These are privacy, decentralization and fungibility. Monero's development is donation-based and community-led. Monero also focuses on scalability. More information about CryptoNote can be found on the official website of CryptoNote:

How does Monero work and what are its properties?

In this section we would like to dedicate ourselves to the functionality and the various properties of the Monero cryptocurrency.

For sure

All transactions are encrypted. The wallet with your Monero coins is also encrypted. Every transaction is password protected thanks to the use of a distributed peer-to-peer consensus network.

Cannot be found

The Monero cryptocurrency cannot be tracked through blockchain analysis or blockchain monitoring. By using ring signatures, Monero enables difficult-to-understand transactions. That is, it is not clear how much money has been spent. As a result, the ability to link transactions to specific users is extremely limited.


Your financial situation is not visible to the public. People watching the Monero blockchain cannot see how many Monero coins you have. Monero uses an encrypted system that allows you to send and receive Monero as currency. Your transaction is not publicly visible on the blockchain. This process ensures that your purchases, sales, and other transactions remain private by default.

The sender, recipient, and transaction amount are all anonymous. Many cryptocurrencies have an "extensive list" so that everyone can see which wallet contains the most cryptocurrencies. Since Monero is anonymous, there is no “rich list” for Monero.

Invest in Monero in 2021

Monero is a cryptocurrency that offers more privacy. In terms of the basics, nothing significant (or nothing at all) has changed recently, which was an added reason for such a price move, especially at a time when several top projects are shaking the market with updates. Cryptocurrency CFDs may have a different leverage effect.

If the broker is regulated, he must. Monero (XMR) belongs e.g. Z. among the most profitable cryptocurrencies! However, our portfolio is available on our website. We continuously update the current values ​​of our CFD stocks based on price feeds. Contact a CFD broker to trade cryptocurrencies.

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How many Monero XMR coins are there in circulation?

What is Monero and how many coins are in circulation? These questions are very interesting for our readers. There are currently 16.5 million digital Monero XMR coins. The Monero cryptocurrency has no limit on coins, but its algorithm is carefully programmed.

  • Approximately 157,788 Monero coins are expected to be produced from mid-2022.
  • The Bitcoin Limit will exceed the Monero cryptocurrency with 21 million Monero coins in 2040.
  • It is expected that there will be 35 million XMR coins in the year 2130.

Does a limit of the XMR coins make sense?

One of the advantages and the biggest disadvantage of Bitcoin is the limit of 21 million Bitcoins. The crypto currency Monero has recognized the weaknesses of Bitcoin and developed its own concept. Many people believe that currency with no restrictions (but limited by algorithms) can be a better choice in society. On the other hand, some people want a currency like Bitcoin because it has a clear limit and is constrained, much like our gold reserves.

The limit has its weaknesses

If all bitcoin coins were generated in 2140, there would theoretically be 21 million bitcoins. But what will happen to the "lost" bitcoins that have been lost over the years? These are still there, but you may no longer be able to access many BTCs. This can happen, for example, through forgotten or lost passwords or the sudden death of the user. There are no substitutes because they are gone forever. Therefore, as a stable cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is difficult to use on a daily basis. It is getting scarcer every day. Monero has no restrictions on coins, but its upper limit is controlled by an algorithm. This is adaptable and scalable.

  • Monero has a variable block size.
  • Bitcoin has a fixed block size.

Particular advantages and disadvantages of Monero

Each Monero coin or unit can be exchanged in exactly the same way as the currency in the physical store. Users actually don't care about the type of coins they get on the network as they are functionally the same.
You might be wondering: Doesn't this apply to all cryptocurrencies? This may seem surprising, but in fact the answer is no. Bitcoin is recorded on the blockchain, which represents the transaction history. As a result, coins are linked to events in their history, including negative events like theft. That makes these coins less popular than others
This is an important aspect of XMR's high level of confidentiality. Since the transaction history of two XMR coins cannot be read from it, they cannot be distinguished.

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Frequently asked questions: investing in Monero

How is the Monero course moving?

It is almost always worthwhile to invest in cryptocurrencies. The XMR course is currently well on its way. However, the prices for Monero coins have fallen and that means that now could be the right time to invest in the cryptocurrency and hopefully benefit from Monero in the future.

How will Monero go on?

According to forecasts, which of course do not always have to be correct, XMR will overtake Bitcoin in 2140 in terms of the number of coins on the market. However, there is a long time until then and quite a lot could happen.

Is it worth investing in Monero?

Yes, it could be worth investing in XMR, as the Monero price has currently fallen and you can purchase the cryptocurrency cheaply.

The above information is for educational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

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