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Box jellyfish & Co: Top 5 most dangerous animals in Australia

In recent years, more and more Germans have been looking up Down under. Backpackers, vacationers or even expats - millions of people travel to Australia every year. The continent is not only beautiful and exotic, it also offers western standards, so that Europeans and Americans in particular feel particularly comfortable there. However, Australia is not only home to beautiful landscapes, but also some of the most poisonous and dangerous animals in the world. You can find out what these are and what makes them so dangerous in my article about them 5 most dangerous animals on the other side of the world.

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Top 5 Most Poisonous Animals in Australia

Box jellyfish

It is beautiful and deadly at the same time Box of Jelly Fish. The jellyfish is even one of themmost poisonous animals in the world. The tentacles of this mystical animal are up to two meters long and have nettles that dig deep into them when they come into contact with human skin. This causes incredible pain. In addition, the box jellyfish's poison immediately attacks the nervous system, immediately knocking its victims unconscious. If you don't get an antidote right away, it kicks in Cardiac arrest a. Because of these beautiful but extremely dangerous marine life, some beaches in Australia are closed for months.

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Funnel web spider

This spider is and is even considered to be the most dangerous spider in Australia most poisonous spider species in the world. You can find them Funnel Web Spider in New South Wales - in both rural and densely populated areas. The 1.5 to 4.5 cm tall spider likes to hide in damp, sheltered places and occurs mainly in the greater Sydney area. The funnel-web spider is rarely seen, but if they feel threatened, they can be extremely aggressive. The Fangs the funnel web spiders are even longer than some snakes and can therefore Penetrating toenails. If you are bitten by the funnel-web spider, see the doctor as soon as possible. Most hospitals have an antidote on hand.

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The stonefish is not only one of the most dangerous and poisonous fish, but also animals in general. It can reach a length of over 40 cm and a weight of over 1.5 kg. What makes this fish so dangerous is his excellent camouflage. It is very difficult to see the fish underwater with the naked eye because it can adapt so well to its surroundings. Divers often do not recognize the fish and bathers accidentally step on it. The poisonous spines of the Stonefish cause unbelievable burning pain, paralysis and cardiac arrhythmias. If help is not given immediately, such a meeting can occur 60% of cases lead to death to lead.

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The most venomous snake in the world is thatTaipanwhich is even at home in Australia. The bad news: With the venom from just one bite, this snake can be whole Kill 200 people. The good news: You can find the Taipan inlargely uninhabited areas Australia. The Taipan is brown-olive green, about 2 meters long and its poison is a nerve poison, which liquefies the muscle tissue. This causes pain, nausea, vomiting, circulatory collapse, blood clotting disorders and even painful suffocation of the victim in just 45 minutes after the bite. The snake is very shy and only bites when it feels threatened, but you should always sturdy shoes wear when hiking in the Australian jungle.

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Saltwater crocodile

This crocodile found in Northern Australia is that largest in the world and belongs to the most famous predators. If the Saltwater crocodiles hunt, they jump nimbly out of the water, drag your prey underwater and drown them. Unfortunately, people are often victims of the "salties", as the Australians affectionately call them. The only way to protect yourself is to pay attention to the warning signs that warn of the lurking swamp dwellers.

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