What is a regiment

regiment, the


Another honor followed for the lively ladies of the 11th regiment, who have been making their contribution to the Addene (= Adenauer) carnival for ten years, and the charming ladies are always good for surprises. [Rhein-Zeitung, 02/11/2019]

The audience had a lot of fun when the regiment and the carnival clubs that were friends with it presented their new session dances and songs. First and foremost the large groups of the Cuirassier Regiment, which Commander Udo S [...] introduced. More than 30 children and young people are in the whole regiment, the commandant did not forget the three standard bearers of the child cuirassiers and the youngest member of the regiment, Luis (3). [Rhein-Zeitung, 25.01.2018]

With this honest confession at the latest, the new commander had won the sympathy of her entire foolish regiment of the Prince Carnival for herself. [Allgemeine Zeitung, 02.01.2015]

23.15 Swinging, jiggling, drills, the people of Cologne and their foolish regiments, documentation [TV program] [Leipziger Volkszeitung, 02/01/2013]

The regiment, which has been integrated into the Anger Carnival Club (AKC) since 2000, can no longer bear the rent. [Thüringer Allgemeine, 10.11.2011]