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Cheers to Maturity - Why Young Women Like Older Men

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Many women fall in love with much older men.

There has often been outrage in the media about the relationship or marriage between an older man and a much younger woman. Apart from the large age difference, such a sight is not uncommon: Many women prefer partners with significantly more experience. But what is the attraction of such a connection?

Stories from history

It's not easy for women. In almost every area of ​​life one encounters prejudices that one then has to refute only to be confronted with more. So also those who have chosen a more mature partner. “He sure has it Bought!", "She is perverse! "," That's just a Father complex! "," She just loves his money! ”- that's just the tip of the iceberg of intolerant opinions that women with older partners have to fight against.

There are romantic and sexual connections between two people of about the same age are a modern invention: The Romans married their fourteen-year-old daughters to thirty-year-old men. In Marie Antoinette's time it was only socially accepted for men to take a wife when they were around thirty, an age at which women were long considered old maids. In the romantic classic "Jane Eyre", written by Charlotte Brontë in 1847, the heroine marries Mr. Rochester, who is twenty years her senior.

So there must be some advantage in having such an age difference if such marriages have been practiced for so long, right? Is there a psychological effect that has one more mature partner as particularly desirable appears?

Why men & women can appreciate this constellation

Men feel young again, while women feel more mature.

Feel yourself young again

The advantages of a relationship or an affair with a young woman for a more mature man, however, are obvious: Many men during and beyond the mid-life crisis long for a young woman whom they can look in the face and introduce themselves for a moment , himself again thirty and desirable to be a young woman who confirms her ego: "Yes, man, you can still do everything you could in your prime!"

Also, that especially successful men like politicians or actors often find one another despite their wives and children significantly younger lovers taking makes sense in this context: You have experienced a lot, achieved a lot, and often left the best years of your career behind you. They have capital, they have influence, they have made a lot out of their lives - only their youth can no longer give them back any money or power in the world. A younger lover is of course very welcome.

Feel more grown up yourself

Interestingly, the exact opposite effect is one of the stimuli that a mature partner can offer a young woman: she feels close to him no longer like an inexperienced girlbut like one strong, agile woman, a woman who is desired by "real" men instead of boys of the same age. In other words, when they're together, he feels younger, she feels more mature, and both of them feel better.

Possible reasons for the age difference

Sometimes it is actually wealth that attracts women.

No partner at eye level

Other reasons for the attraction between young women and more mature men are many and complex. So many men of advanced age are tired of being confronted by a woman of the same age, equal rights and strength, but instead they want him Play protector.

Father complexes

Many younger women who are specifically looking for an older partner also have this motive. You want to be a child again feel protectedto look up to a lover who has a lot more experience than you: in life, in the world and last but not least of course in bed. Psychologists refer to this as one Father complex. Young women want an older partner in whom they recognize their father, who threw her in the air as a little girl and called her "my little princess", the nice elementary school teacher who never lost patience with them and who apparently knew everything.

Economic security

An older man usually stands more solid in life as a young reacts more calmly in tense situations and knows how to deal with them better. Also the economic factor plays a role that should not be underestimated: men who are rich in money and influence can offer a woman amenities that she would have to do without with a partner of the same age. This is much less shameful or superficial than most would believe, after all, it makes genealogical sense: A rich, "strong" man offers a woman, especially if she is pregnant or looking after children, economic security.

In any case acceptable

The reasons a mature man and a young woman bond are as different as those between mature women and toyboys. Now, however, relationships are almost like this socially recognized - there are many personals with the term age difference. The Prejudice from others can be angry and hurtful, but everyone has their own merits. And in the end, it's always true that you end up feeling attracted to a person, not an age group.

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