Companies hire data analysts as freshmen

IDA4KMU goes live

At the end of January the time has finally come: the online course “Intelligent data analysis used sustainably for SMEs” from the Faculty of Computer Science and Business Informatics starts with 12 companies from the region.
Participating employees from industrial companies in the region learn essential concepts of data analysis and their practical implementation in their own company.
Our further training offer takes up the current need for information, especially of small and medium-sized companies in the field of data analysis.
The course funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Virtual University of Bavaria (vhb) is a blended learning course, i. H. a course that is characterized by different learning concepts and the combination of on-site appointments and online learning.
In online videos, webinars, prepared text materials and interactive tests, the participants first get to know the theory of current concepts and methods of modern data analysis and then apply this content for deepening in face-to-face meetings under the supervision of the course instructor Prof. Dr. Frank-Michael Schleif and Maximilian Münch respond to specific questions from their own companies.
In this way, participants can not only learn how these concepts and methods work, but also how they can be tailored - intelligently - to be used in their own company.
The combination of a flexible proportion of home work and few face-to-face appointments enables the participating companies to accommodate the further training opportunities in their everyday work.

The first run of this course is designed so that it can be completed once within six months. Access to the course materials is of course provided to the participants beyond the course period, so that the materials can also be viewed after the course has ended.

After a short summer break, a course with new participants will follow in September until the end of the project period in July 2020. Interested companies are welcome to contact Mr. Münch ([email protected]) for information about the course, participation and other background information about the course. In the longer term, there are plans to make the course accessible to the students of the faculty as an FWPM.