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7 jobs for everyone who prefers to work alone

Over the years, teamwork has become more and more important. Today, according to Statista, the ability to work in a team is actually the quality that is most valued by employers. Nevertheless, for all those who prefer to work alone, there are also a large number of professions in which contact with people is very low or in which everyday working life takes place without other people. Which are these and which training courses have to be completed for this? We clarify.


This profession is about the analysis, calculation and description of scientific, economic or technical problems. As a mathematician, one is busy every day doing calculations with a large number of variables and complex formulas. People who work in this area therefore make a significant contribution to answering important questions about the future and most of the time they work in a highly concentrated manner, on their own and without customer contact.

Required training: University degree in mathematics, whereby the bachelor's degree is already a professional qualification.

"There are many internal training courses as well as the opportunity to complete external training courses and courses of study (e.g. MBA)." - Employer evaluation at d-fine GmbH

Truck driver

Truck drivers drive trucks or other heavy vehicles and transport a wide variety of goods from A to B. But this does not fully describe the job description, because there is much more to it. The drivers of a truck must have theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the vehicle as well as the distances covered. Although you are alone in your truck most of the time, you can see the most beautiful landscapes - variety is always required.

Required training: Vocational training as a truck driver, which takes place in the vocational school and in the training company and lasts three years.

“The office can be reached day and night and if not, we will call you back immediately.” - Employer evaluation for driving time, drivers and logistics Personalleasing GmbH

Hardware developer

Hardware developers take care of the development of devices. Hardware is understood to mean all components that are part of the technical equipment of a system. Since the main focus is on the development of these components, contact with other people is also limited in this profession.

Required training: Completed university degree, for example in the fields of electrical engineering, microelectronics or (technical) computer science.

“A very relaxed and quiet working atmosphere in a beautiful old villa.” - Employer rating at Hypersoft Gesellschaft für Softwareentwicklung und Forschung GmbH


As a zoo keeper, you are responsible for raising and caring for animals. Behavioral analyzes and initial care for sick or injured animals are part of the daily program. But physical work is also very important in this profession. This is about the construction, maintenance and cleaning of animal enclosures as well as feeding the animals. It can of course happen that there is occasional human contact, for example when zoo visitors have questions. Nevertheless, zoo keepers work most of the day without people and alone with the animals.

Required training: Dual training to become a zoo keeper with a chosen specialization from the third year onwards.

"The majority of the activities are dedicated to the animals." - Employer rating at Gut Aiderbichel


As a landscape gardener, one is busy laying out beds, tending trees or making ponds, basins or watercourses. You work in the fresh air and most of the time you are surrounded by gardens and beautiful landscapes. Therefore you have to have a special love for nature and enjoy working outdoors.

Required training: Vocational training that takes place in the vocational school and in the training company and lasts for three years.

“Good company in rural areas, fulfills its duties and tasks towards employees!” - employer rating by landscape architects Freilandökologie Gutschker-Dongus


Butcher is also one of those skilled trades in which day-to-day work does not involve any customer contact, provided that one is active in production. With rubber boots and butcher's knives, butchers at slaughterhouses and butcher shops ensure that animals are slaughtered and cut up and the meat is prepared for sale. The butchery profession is definitely not suitable for everyone - so you should find out about tasks and daily routines before you begin your training.

Required training: Three-year training that takes place in the vocational school as well as in the training company.

"Agreements are kept and you get support when you need them." - Employer rating at Greisinger Fleisch-, Wurst- und Selchwarenprodukte GmbH

Night watchman

If you work as a night watchman, you have it pretty quiet most of the time. This job is important in hotels, hospitals or even parking garages, because there you must always make sure that everything is in order and that safety is guaranteed. As a night watchman, you do your laps alone and only when it gets dark. The services are unspectacular most of the time and people are more likely to be encountered in exceptional cases.

Required training: Training is not absolutely necessary for this profession.

“I work with the latest monitoring and reporting technology.” - employer evaluation at westaflex mondial

kununu editor: Hannah Reumann