Reads 50 pages a day a lot

How do you read so much? The answer to this popular question and other thoughts.

No question is asked as often as this. Since autumn last year I have been making reading updates in my Instagram story almost every day and telling about the books that I am currently reading - and which have just finished. That's three to four books a week on average. I am often asked how I “manage” to read so many books.

What's my secret

I don't really like this topic because I don't think how much you read is particularly important. It is much more that one reads at all and that one reads with pleasure above all. It doesn't matter how many books are on the list at the end of the month. Much more, one should ask what the book (s) that one has read did to one.

Books that I immediately forget are of no use to me. If I've read ten of them in a week, what's in it for me? However, if I read exactly one book in a month and that touched me (on whatever level) - that has a value. That takes me further, that sticks in my memory.

So what's the secret?

Of course, I still want to answer the question. I can't do magic, I invest time. Reading is my number 1 hobby! I have an hour's lunch break at work to read. I read at home in the evening, and in bed before bed too. That often makes a total of 2 hours a day. Since I read almost 100 pages per hour (it depends on the book), I can do a good 200 pages a day. On average, the books I read have ~ 350 pages. So I like to be through with a book after two days.

As with everything in life, there are exceptions. If a book is tough or complicated, I don't read 50 pages a day. If I am THAT RIGHT in a book, I can manage 400 pages in a day - it gives me the free time. And yes, I rarely watch TV / Netflix or play video games. I have no children, no other hobbies, clubs, etc. - that gives me a lot of time for reading.

To get to the point:

Don't stress yourself. Reading is a pleasure, not a must. Nobody is a “better” book lover / reader when you read x books a month. Everyone has their own pace, everyone has their own style.

Find books you like. Books that do something to you!