All perfumes are made from alcohol

Are water-based fragrances without alcohol the better perfumes?

What makes a good fragrance? Many would certainly answer with: It has to be special, but smell as unobtrusively as possible. Nothing is worse than pulling a heavy cloud of perfume behind you. This is guaranteed not to happen with the new, water-based perfumes, because they do not contain alcohol. Instead, they are as natural and authentic as scented water.

Back to nature: water-based fragrances

Several beauty labels have now subscribed to the trend of creating perfumes without alcohol. One might think that this is a contradiction in terms. Perfumes usually consist of around 80 percent alcohol. It acts as a solvent for natural and synthetic fragrances. However, the heart, head and base notes of a fragrance only develop properly when the alcohol has evaporated. So why should one wait for it?

The Iranian designer Behnaz Sarafpour, for example, last year developed a range of perfumes that are made only from distilled water and natural essential essences. Without any synthetic additives. Sarafpour explains that she wanted to develop fragrances that were as natural and pure as possible. Pure rose smells pleasantly intense, as if you were sticking your nose directly into a fresh bouquet of roses - but without the sweet heaviness that conventional rose scents often bring with them. Because: The penetrating scent cloud is only created by the evaporation of the alcohol in the air.

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Behnaz Sarafpour seems to have had the right nose in the truest sense of the word. A few months after its launch, style icon Caroline Issa and Hollywood actress Salma Hayek were among her fans. The traditional Parisian brand developed the first perfume based purely on water instead of alcohol L’Officine Universelle Buly: TheEau triple smells so intense that only those who come really close will perceive the scent. The New York label CB I Hate Perfume has also specialized in natural fragrances: In addition to water, vegetable oils are also used as a base.

Water-based niche fragrances

These brands still occupy a niche in the beauty market. Probably because perfumes without alcohol have one major disadvantage: their shelf life is shorter, on average it is only six months. But you don't run the risk of irritating your skin or triggering allergies with them. Many people react very sensitively to alcohol. And the fear that the new, 100 percent natural favorite scent will evaporate too quickly is also unfounded - at least now in summer: perfumes generally smell stronger on warm skin.

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