How can lead generation be improved

Lead generation

E-commerce is an increasingly important branch of the economy in Germany. The shift in sales from stationary to online retail is continuing. The e-commerce boom has that too Lead management influences and created new opportunities.

Instead of addressing potential customers directly and actively, people are increasingly trying to win their interest through indirect marketing measures.

At the Inbound marketing one usually tries to attract the potential customer's attention with good content. You publish multi-valued, interesting and useful content on the Internet and make sure that it is easy to find. If potential customers are often looking for information or answers to certain questions, e-books, white papers, advice articles or videos can be used to respond specifically to these questions and thus satisfy the needs of the users.

So it's about Being found and about convincing potential customers of the company's expertise - and thereby indirectly also convincing them of the quality of the products. The right content strategy and professional search engine optimization are key success factors in inbound marketing. If the strategy works, however, the first result of successful inbound lead generation is a high-quality, qualified lead.

Aside from classic push channels, the so-called wins Permission Marketing in importance. The term describes an approach in marketing, in which one starts with the Consignee's permission catches up with it before advertising it. Because nowadays it is a very bad idea to bully customers with unwanted advertising messages. Many internet users now react very sensitively and negatively to such advertising content. The flood of advertising in recent years has also led to so-called banner blindness, the deliberate hiding and ignoring of advertising.

To the Acceptance of your own marketing measures To increase and to reach more customers again and to gain their attention, companies are therefore increasingly pursuing the strategy of first obtaining a permit. permission) to inquire. So-called Incentives (Eng. Incentives) play a major role in this. With giveaways, discounts, free samples or competitions, the aim is to create an additional incentive for users to voluntarily provide their contact details. The users should get the feeling that they are taking advantage of the contact. If a company succeeds in doing this, it makes successful lead generation much easier.