What is the difference between wine and whiskey

Brandy and whiskey: two sides of the same coin

What brandy and whiskey have in common

Brandy and whiskey are the two most famous drinks in the world, and despite the differences in the raw materials used and production methods, they share certain similarities.

To give you an overview of both drinks, we briefly explain their most important points:

Ingredients for production:

Brandy is a spirit that is distilled from fermented wine and stored in oak barrels for different periods of time. Whiskey is a spirit that is distilled from fermented malt grains such as barley, wheat, rye and corn and, like brandy, matures in oak barrels for different lengths of time.

Production methods:

For brandy production, the process is based on the distillation of wine in copper kettles. Interestingly, it takes three liters of wine to make one liter of brandy. For this reason, brandy is known as the "Spirit of Wine". Whiskey, on the other hand, is made by distilling fermented malt grain, also in copper kettles.

Maturation of the spirits:

As soon as the new brandy is distilled, it has to mature in order to reach the state of optimal drinkability. Brandy and whiskey use a very similar system: maturing in American oak barrels, in which sherry was previously matured.
That’s the key. Sherry comes in a wide variety of styles from dry to sweet, and this will have a major impact on what taste, aroma, and color the brandy and whiskey will later acquire.

Why sherry is used:

This is explained by the wide variety of aromas and tastes that both drinks inherit from the sherry barrels. She uses brandy for its ability to "educate" the brandy and give it a subtle note that it only gets through contact with oak - this is also the case with whiskey. Every year, the makers of famous whiskey brands come to Jerez and are desperately looking for those old sherry barrels. This is the only way to give your whiskey the fine color and special taste that customers expect.

You see - both drinks, despite their differences, share common characteristics, both in their production and in aging in order to achieve the highest quality. The hues, taste, aroma, etc. of both beverages depend directly on the type of wine the barrel contained before it was used as a maturation vessel for brandy and whiskey.

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