How strict should the dress codes be?

Summer clothes in the office: this is how it's formal and yet airy

Raabe recommends this combination for women with a slightly less formal outfit: “A thin culottes, a silk shirt and a thin blazer or cardigan. Plus sling pumps - with a small heel or flat. ”Well-groomed feet are a must for open-toe shoes. If a formal appearance according to the dress code Business / Business Attire is required, a shift dress made of thin but elegant fabric could be the right choice. "A matching blazer, both in light colors," advises Raabe. When it comes to shoes, despite the heat, she relies on closed models such as pumps or ballerinas. "If the frame is not strictly formal, the blazer can sometimes be taken off or the tights left off," says the expert.

There are also tricks for staying fresh in the heat. "Spare laundry can be useful, such as a fresh shirt with a different tie before the evening event," advises Brissa. Raabe finds tops in light colors practical. "Sweat stains are the least visible on white blouses or T-shirts," says the expert. Sweating is healthy and not a cause for false shame. Before a meeting, however, it can be more pleasant to let sweat stains disappear under a thin blazer or cardigan. The second textile layer is also helpful if the air conditioning in the conference room is set too arctic. Freezing in midsummer - it really doesn't have to be.