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Determine the value of stamps - what are my stamps worth?

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Whether as an investment or out of passion - postage stamps have been coveted collector's items for well over a hundred years. Collectors dedicate themselves to the fascinating “world in miniature” - collecting entire stories on stamps. But the passion for collecting is not in everyone's blood. If a collector dies and he has not infected his heirs with his passion for collecting, when settling the estate, surviving dependents are often faced with the question of what the stamp collection is worth and whether it should be kept or sold at auctions.

What are my stamps worth? Whether you have inherited, found or received stamps as a gift - find out here how to determine the value of the stamps.

What are my stamps worth?

The value of individual stamps and entire collections depends on various factors. If you want to reliably determine the stamp value, in philately, in addition to the rarity, the quality and popularity of the stamps for collectors are always decisive.

  • rarity
    Rare things are more valuable than mass-produced goods - this also applies to postage stamps. A stamp that has only been in circulation for a short time is therefore rare - these stamps can fetch high amounts in euros at auctions if the buyer is interested.
  • quality
    Philatelists distinguish between mint, unused and canceled stamps. Mint stamps are in the pristine condition in which they were issued by the post office. Unused stamps are usually those that have been attached to an album page with a small piece of paper (so-called fold) in accordance with older collecting habits. The changed condition of the rubber lining is included in the evaluation. The third category includes postage stamps that are stamped. The cleaner and more legible the stamp, the better.
  • Popularity of stamps
    Every collector has his specialty - and some categories are more popular than others. Accordingly, a philatelist is perhaps more willing to spend more euros at an auction for one stamp that completes his Old German States collection, for example, than for rarer stamps in other collecting areas.

In order to be able to determine the value of the stamps in collections, this information is also interesting:  

  • completeness
    The more extensive a collection, the more time, effort and money was invested in completing it. This increases the interest of potential buyers.
  • Certificate of Authenticity
    As with all collectibles, the following applies to postage stamps: They are only worth their money if they are originals. Ambitious philatelists therefore have rare and expensive brands checked by recognized experts - a corresponding certificate of authenticity allows well-founded conclusions to be drawn about the significance of the collection.
  • bills
    Invoices that prove that the stamps were bought at auctions also suggest a lover and a corresponding quality of the stamps.

How can I determine the stamp value?

A first clue is a look at the MICHEL catalog. However, the euro information provided there should be treated with caution, as they only give a comparison of the value of the postage with each other and are not to be equated with the trade value of the postage.

Postage stamp catalogs are quite suitable for getting an initial overview. With the help of the country of issue and the year of the stamp, individual stamps can be easily found in the catalog. However, this says nothing about the real sales value of the stamps or the quality of an entire collection. Here, too, the questions arise:

  • How rare is the stamp?
  • How well is it preserved?
  • How extensive is the collection?
  • Is there a demand for these stamps?

Also keep in mind that the prices quoted are usually not real prices. When selling stamps to a dealer, 5-35% of the catalog price is normal, depending on the area.

our recommendation
Assign a specialist to determine the stamp values. The expert knows the demand for stamps on the market through auctions and can give you a realistic estimate of how many euros you could get for your stamps.

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